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Corporate Events 

Whether you are organising an award ceremony or launching a new product, the wide range of services and skills we offer will always ensure your event runs smoothly.

Corporate Events

Our specialised team will insure peace of mind for you and your event. We take the clients brief and will assist you with creating a custom and authentic menu in any of our formats, canapés or buffets. The process is simple, we have a total uncomplicated approach where everything revolves around you and your clients. We are happy to talk to your clients through the menu, all you need to do is relax and enjoy our high quality catering experience. 


If you are thinking about organising a corporate event, looking to impress your guests you will want a company with great capability and reputation for reliability and exceptional customer service. Fields of Goodness can assure you will be in safe hands with a friendly professional team who are committed to high quality service.  

"Adele and her team did an amazing job catering for our work event. The food was delicious and we received numerous compliments from our guests throughout the night. Her staff were incredibly professional and friendly and despite catering for almost 200 guests they maintained a relaxed and calm kitchen during the event. I cannot recommend highly enough!" - Lia Ryan, CVP & ARRI Creative Space


Canapés are becoming a main stay for corporate events, contributing a range of delightful and colourful bites that will excite team-mates and guests.


First impressions are everything to us, why not treat your guests to a pre-dinner treat, our selection of canapés will set the scene and awaken their appetite. Our canapes are freshly prepared charminglycreatedand presented.
We will hand pick the right menu for your guests.

Trying new things like canapés can also be a great conversation starter and at functions people are usually more up trying new foods. They are created with locally sourced ingredients and are presented beautifully, they encourage your guests to socialise.


Canapés are becoming the go-to option. They are designed as a party food; they help your guests relax as they can be eaten sitting, standing and chatting. This allows the conversation – and the drinks – to flow!

Retreat Catering Services

Services is a tad formal but I just wanted to provide you with a little bit more information on the experience provided by Fields of Goodness


I understand that your guests are looking to you to provide them with all of the tools that will allow them to fully embrace their experience. 

They are investing in themselves after all, they’ve made the decision to take the time out to focus on their emotional and spiritual well-being. A huge part of that is the fuel they put in their bodies. I can take the guess work out of that last part… 


It’s really easy to forget about the food when you’re lost in the planning of the day to day activities in your retreat, your time is important and you want to give your guests the experience they deserve. 


I provide a completely customized menu that will support the physical and spiritual intentions of your event, and allow you as a leader to focus on your guests, knowing that one of the most important aspects of the experience is completely taken care of. You won’t even know I’m there until the carefully prepared food is presented in front of you and your guests. 



Use the slide below to find out more about the services Fields of Goodness provides for Fitness, Wellbeing and Yoga Retreats.

Fitness Retreats 

 Physical demands on the body unsurprisingly put high demand on the nutrition we put in before, during and after exercise. We get this at Fields of Goodness, from personal experience on fitness retreats working with rock climbers, trail runners and surfers to name a few activities. The daily calorie requirements are high but that doesn’t mean that you can get away with calorie dense foods to satiate your activity. Paying attention to quality and type of calories here is the recipe for success. We pay close attention to the carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you’re taking in. Tailoring the menu to the specific activity you’ll be getting up to. Too much of the wrong thing and you’ll feel sluggish and weighed down but not getting enough of the right thing In and you’ll feel yourself flagging early. We also make sure you get the right sustenance post workout, replacing the muscle glycogen efficiently so that you’re ready to go the next day. A great added benefit is that I also take care to understand the ingredients that promote recovery, regeneration and injury prevention so that you can keep track of the important thing which is focusing on your performance.

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